Horti Lamiani Gallery Exhibition

From the 22nd of July until the 22nd of August 2019, Frank Sita will be exhibiting a series of newly commissioned artworks at the Horti Lamiani Gallery in Rome, Italy. The exhibition will demonstrate the Dialectic Art method through multiple mediums.

After being in Rome for 2 weeks into a 3 month long trip, Frank stumbled upon the contemporary art gallery in the heart of Rome and showed them his work, which they instantly fell in love with. Within a week of meeting the team at Horti Lamiani, Frank was offered his own exhibition there that will span for 2 weeks* and display a series painting, sculpture and performance art that Frank will be creating whilst staying in Rome.

With what is sure to be a huge opportunity for Frank and for the Sita School of Multi-Arts, Frank is the first artist outside of Europe to be offered an exhibition at the esteemed contemporary art gallery.

For further details regarding the exhibition, contact Frank via email (from the Gmail icon below). In the lead up, head over to the Horti Lamiani Gallery’s Facebook page and check out some of the other amazing artwork on display!

*update: Since a very successful opening of the exhibition, Frank has been offered an added two weeks residency at Horti Lamiani. The exhibition will now run until the 22nd of August, as opposed to the originally scheduled 5th of August. This was an honour for Frank and a mark of the exhibition being very well received by the Abstract art community of Rome that Horti Lamiani attracts. Check out some pics from the exhibit below!

The AD Club

While wandering the streets of Rome, Frank encountered members of Rome art collective ‘The AD Club’, and after like minded discussion, Frank showed them his work and has been invited to join the collective. The AD Club is a networking club of semi professional and professional artists in Italy who gather to display artistic work and perform music and more in self funded events around Italy. In his spot at the collective’s next event, Frank will be performing music, as well as displaying painting and sculpture. Being the only Abstract artist in the group, it is an exciting opportunity for Frank to introduce his ideas from his Dialectic Art school of thought to European audiences.

Frank’s debut performing with the collective will be at their next event, in September (stay tuned for dates).