The Hotel Panama Garden

From the highly favourable response to Frank’s exhibition at the Horti Lamiani Gallery, Frank was chosen as the featured artist for the Hotel Panama Garden, Rome. The selection favoured Frank against many other artists that were considered, which is a telling factor and an honour for Frank, who has been so well received in a country that is not his own. Eight of Frank’s paintings (originally 4) will be displayed in the main foyer and around the hotel, and the exhibit will eventually include some new installations and performance art congruent with the Dialectic Art Method.

As part of this arrangement, Frank will be living in and working from the hotel for the duration of this exhibition, which will extend his stay in Rome until the end of the year. For students, this will mean Frank will be returning to teaching in Melbourne from the 10th of December. Stay tuned for more exciting information about this development, and check out some photos from the initial setup below.


While working in Rome, Frank has not always had access to a canvas to create his visual works. Adapting to this, Frank has taken to photography, capturing vivid and subtle colour palettes and textures that also represent music. Check out some of these below!

Horti Lamiani Exhibition

Within his first week in Rome, Frank was offered an exhibition at renowned Rome gallery Horti Lamiani. Frank visited the gallery out of curiosity and got talking to the owner, who was fascinated with Frank’s work. This was an honour for both sides of the exchange and kickstarted a series of successful interactions for Frank over the last few months.