Using my self-developed 'Dialectic Art' method: a combination of classical and modern, wholistic training, I have been teaching music and art to students of all ages and skill levels for over 15 years. Many students from the school have gone on to forge successful careers in music and the arts. The proof is in the pudding, Dialectic Art works!

Currently we are expanding into various kinds of lessons, including acting lessons, beginner's music coaching with star student and up and coming teacher Robb White, and lessons for kids in music, art and drama with Sita Multi Arts student and school teacher Wendy Budin. This is in continuation with the advanced lessons in music for artists, singers and songwriters of any style, which are taken in a one on one setting with myself.

Shoot me an email via the thumbnail below, or give me a call on 0403 517 925 to find out what kind of lessons would best suit you! For more info on what we get up to at the Sita School of Multi Arts, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages via the links at the bottom of the page. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Individual Lessons

In these intensive one on one lessons ranging from 30 mins to 3 hours we will expand your ability as a musician and artist no matter what stage of development you are in. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, we will find out a process that suits you perfectly, and tailor lessons around this.

Focussing initially around the voice, we will expand your abilities as you desire into instruments, acting and performance. These classes are one on one with myself and musician, producer and up and coming mentor of the future Robb White.

Group class

The emerging feature of the group class has been a phenomenal way to introduce artists hungry to create and collaborate into the Sita School of Multi Arts. For 1.5 hours on a Thursday night join the group in band and harmony singing lessons for a fun, easy going but committed community vibe.

The group class is at this stage, however, for the advanced and dedicated. We will need a genuine commitment to make it each week past your first class if you wish to continue in the group. With more numbers, we are hopeful more groups will become available in the future.

Contact me to arrange a meeting with myself and a couple of the group’s advanced members if you’d like to discuss taking part.

Kids lessons

School teacher and star student Wendy Budin is working with me in developing music, art and performance lessons for the kids. As this lesson format is still in the works, we will be holding a free trial run for kids interested in taking part in a collaborative group class incorporating many elements of art. Parents, contact me ASAP via email or mobile if you wish to sign up for the exclusive free seminar.

We believe at the Sita School of Multi-Arts that our method will help your child grow into the expressive artist and individual they are destined to become!