sita uncut album cover.jpg

Sita: Uncut (Compositions for Stage and Screen)

by Frank Sita

This is a collection of original songs written, performed and produced by myself for the purpose of coinciding with my musicals and screenplays. Each track was used to great success in conveying various underlying themes and messages in my stage and screen works over the last 20 odd years. The compilation album provides a dynamic perspective of various styles of music and performance.

This all-encompassing method of creation is integral to my central philosophy of Dialectic Art, which you can learn more about through the ‘Podcast’ and ‘About’ sections of this website. Dialectic Art is fundamental to my process as an artist.

To hear more of the music I have created over the years, head to my Spotify channel via the link at the top of the site.

I hope you enjoy Sita: Uncut as a free showcase.