“The Dialectic Art method is a mode of thought and creation that I have founded, and that I apply to all my work and teachings. The theory consists largely of a focus on the meeting point of opposing perspectives. At this meeting point we can find truth in art, music, dialogue and much more.

An example I like to give is through my exhibition ‘Songs on Canvas’, which was featured last year in the Melbourne Fringe Festival. This exhibition displayed paintings I created of songs I have written. In the paintings I chose to reflect the opposite energy on the canvas to that in the songs used (for example: sad song=bright painting). The results were surprisingly evocative, and enabled me to produce some of my best and most well received visual work to date.

This theory will serve as the basis of my pending PhD thesis, which I will be writing and publishing over the next couple of years. It is the integral theory to all my work, and to all the methods I teach to my students. Perception; before technique, flair and even talent, is the most vital starting point to creating quality work, and quality lives.

To learn more about Dialectic Art, head over to the ‘Podcast’ section of the website. Here you can listen to ‘The Dialectic Art Series’, a podcast series I have created with two of my students that is entirely based on Dialectic Art, and the various mediums in which it is relevant. We are currently 3 episodes into the series, with more to come later in the year. I am currently curating an exhibition at the Horti Lamiani Gallery in Rome, Italy from the 22nd of July until the 8th of August, that is also based on Dialectic Art. For more info on this, head to the ‘Rome’ section of the website.”

- Frank

Frank’s artwork can be found displayed around Melbourne at restaurants and bars including Soda Rock Diner Chapel St, Splash Cafe South Yarra (Jam Factory) and Osteria 20 in Hawthorn. If you are around Melbourne’s inner south east, be sure to visit these quality venues and check out some of Frank’s work. Check out some pics of these works on display below.