“Throughout my life I have strived successfully to develop a meaningful career in the arts. Since a young boy, I have been involved in various successful roles; primarily in music, and later in other areas within the arts such as painting, theatre and sculpture. I have been fortunate enough to run my own arts company: Frank Sita Art & Productions, as well as founding and running my own art school: the Sita School of Multi-Arts. I am always creating and collaborating, and I have a passion for sharing my expertise with up and coming artists.

I have been teaching music since 1983 and have owned and run the school since 2002, creating tailored lessons for students of all ages and levels of expertise. Many of my students have gone on to forge their own exciting careers in the arts and in other areas from the lessons learned through the school. Excitingly, the next generation of the school is beginning to take shape through various specified classes with new teachers in development.

Throughout my career I have been published in music (Image Records) and literature (Spectrum Publishing Company) for my work. FDS Holdings (parent company of my music/art label and my school), is a corporate member of APRA. I am also a proud member of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, through which I have worked as a freelance journalist.

In the future I will be completing a book on the 'Dialectic Art' method I have founded, which will serve as my PhD thesis. I will also be looking to expand my business and my art into Europe and working intercontinentally, which is an exciting prospect for me. For now, however, I will be overseeing the new developments within the school, and continuing one on one lessons with current and new students.

Feel free to shoot me an email or to explore my Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin pages via the thumbnails below to find out more about my experience and history over the years. I look forward to hearing from you!

- Frank